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A budget-friendly DIY Christmas

We all know that feeling: It’s mid December, you have a million things to do and your bank account is in desperate need of some lovin’. Yet you still have endless presents to give. It’s around about now you start wishing for a Christmas miracle. Maybe Santa Claus can stop by a few weeks earlier and drop off a couple of things? Maybe some mystery packages will be delivered to your address? Maybe you will win the lotto and suddenly have all the time and money you need?

Or, maybe all you need is some guidance and TLC from your fitvia family. We know all about the December rush and feeling like there are not enough hours in the day! That’s why we’re sharing the best last-minute DIY ideas for all your Christmas needs. Whether it’s a present for your sweetheart or decorations for your home, we’re here to save the day. The best part? These are things you can make at home without spending a dime! Because Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank. And there is literally nothing better than a present from the heart — so it’s a win-win!

So settle in with a big mug of our special edition Christmas Punch Slim Tea, feel the Christmas spirit and get crafty.


Snow globes are enjoyed by all. Who doesn’t love shaking a snow globe and seeing the beautiful white flakes float around? They’re also super easy to make at home — and even easier when you can skip the water.

What you’ll need: glass jars, fake snow, a glue gun, mini trees and snowmen, glitter, spray paint.

Check out the tutorial here.


Do you have some almonds lying around? Maybe some walnuts? We have the perfect way to use them! This activity is a cozy weekend activity that creates the most beautiful Christmas decorations that can be used as gifts or on your own tree.

What you’ll need: craft paint, paintbrush, mixed nuts in their shells, glue, felt, pasta shells, pom poms, ribbon.

Check out the tutorial here.