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Collaboration with WaterAid, reason behind and World water day

Our theme for this month is about creating a healthier, more sustainable everyday. So while we’re focused on how we can each do our bit for the planet, we’ve decided to partner with an organisation that is doing exactly that.

WaterAid is one of the most respected water and sanitation organisations in the world. And we are collaborating with their cause to ensure we’re not just filling our own cups, but the cups of those in need.

But what exactly is WaterAid doing? Basically, WaterAid is an international NGO (non-governmental organisation) that works in partnership with local organisations in 34 countries over Africa, Asia, Central America and the Pacific region to enable the world’s poorest people to gain access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Pretty incredible stuff.

Considering that March 22 is World Water Day, we thought it was fitting to join forces and help fundraise, as well as discuss the other ways in which we can help WaterAid with their very important cause.

How you can help:

1. Sign up to March for Water
During the month of March, walk 4, 8 or 12km a day to help make clean water normal for everyone. Walk wherever and whenever you can and raise funds for the millions of women and children who must walk distances like this every day to collect water to survive.

2. Create your own fundraiser
We may be stuck indoors right now, but you can still pass the time in a fun and meaningful way. Pick an idea, have some fun and raise money for WaterAid along the way – helping them to provide urgently needed handwashing facilities.

3. Take the Tap Challenge
If you can’t commit to walking every day, you can still get involved by mapping a walk, run or cycle in the shape of a tap in a show of solidarity for those who are denied the basic human right of clean water. Plot your route, move your feet and raise some money to help change lives.