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How to cook for the soul

Why is it that when it’s cold and rainy outside all we want to do is eat?! And it’s usually not carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes we’re snacking on either. The colder months bring cravings for hearty, cheesy, carby meals that leave us in a food coma on the sofa.

We have a solution: When the temperatures drop, it’s time to crank up the oven or the stove and get cooking. And by cooking we don’t mean heating up a frozen pizza. We’re talking about the type of food that isn’t just healthy and nourishing for your body, but for your soul. The type of meals that don’t leave you in the fetal position begging for mercy — no, we’re talking about the kind that leave you feeling energized and full of life!

To help you on your quest for hearty-but-healthy food, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ingredients out there to include in your soul-warming recipes. These items are rich in all the right nutrients to keep you strong and healthy all winter long. The best thing? They’re also delicious.

  • Lentils: No hearty winter dish is complete without a cup of lentils. Red, green, yellow, brown or black, all lentils are low in calories and rich in things like iron and protein. They are also extremely filling so the perfect addition to pasta sauce, salads or soups!
  • Fish: Did you know fish can help to fight off bugs floating around during the colder months? Fish like salmon and mackerel are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that help increase airflow to the lungs — and they taste amazing! Double win.
  • Porridge: What better way to start a cold November morning than with a steaming bowl of oats? Porridge is not only soul-warming but nutritious. Plus, you can make it your own by adding fruit, seeds or nuts. Yum!
  • Brussel sprouts: Okay they might have a bad rep, but trust us on this one. This green cabbage-like vegetable is rich with fiber, Vitamin A, C and K and Potassium. For brussel sprouts, it’s all about the preparation. Sauteed with some garlic and olive oil, they’ll quickly become your new best friend!
  • Citrus: Whether your favorite is lemon, orange or grapefruit, start stocking up! These fruits are rich in vitamin C which helps to build a strong immune system over the winter and keep your energy levels up. For added benefits, even add some lemon to your tea!