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How to have a stress-free NYE

Okay let’s imagine it’s Boxing Day and Christmas is FINALLY over. Not that we don’t love Christmas — but we’re also excited for some peace and quiet after the craziness of December has settled down. You know? Like a cozy Friday night inside under the blankets, with a cup of tea and a Netflix marathon?

But wait. Back it up. The craziness of December isn’t over yet! Christmas might be done and dusted but we still have one week left of the month. And one big thing to tick off our to-do lists: New Year’s Eve. If you’ve ever hosted a get-together, you’ll know it can be quite the mission to get everything sorted in time. And when you add bank holidays and late Christmas events to the mix, planning an evening for New Year’s Eve can be quite the challenge — even in these strange times when your guestlist isn’t as long!

It doesn’t have to be though. With the right planning and tips, hosting New Year’s Eve can be exactly what it should be: fun! To help you with your NYE planning, here are our best tips and advice to make your get-together one to remember. It’s all about planning ahead and alleviating as much stress and rushing as possible. With these tips under your belt, you’ll be on your way to a fresh and fun start to the new year.

Plan the night.

  1. Brainstorm everything from the starting time and guestlist (it will have to be a small one this year!), to the decorations and snacks.
  2. Write a list of everything you need to buy.m And we mean EVERYTHING! Put things in categories to make shopping easier.
  3. Enlist the help of a friend! It’s not all up to the host. Ask guests to help by taking care of one thing each (e.g. one brings decorations, one brings ice, one brings the snacks).
  4. Do as much as possible in advance. Serving cocktails? Mix them in advance. Making a dance floor? Start prepping the playlist. Putting up lights? Do this days before!
  5. Opt for finger food. If you’re going to serve food, don’t bother with eight courses. Instead, make a bunch of smaller dishes (many of these you can make the day before) and even get all your guests to bring a plate of their own!

Cheers to that!