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How to upcycle your tea

Upcycling is when old, used or discarded products are given a second life — or turned into something ‘new’.

It’s all about being as creative as possible with things we don’t need anymore and repurposing them to extend their lifespan.

What’s that got to do with tea, you might be wondering? Good question. Did you know tea can be used for more than just drinking? That’s right — both tea leaves and tea bags can be used for much more than cosy afternoons at home.

As we’ve been focusing on sustainability recently, one theme we’re discussing this month is how to upcycle your fitvia tea for a whole bunch of things! Give them a go and let us know which you love:

1. Alleviate tired and puffy eyes

If you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, not to worry. After your morning cup of tea, use the leftover leaves to cover your eyes for a few minutes. The leaves and their warmth will soothe your skin in no time.

2. Get crafty

Brew a tea of your choice, drink most of it and use the leftover tea water as paint. You can play around with the colour by adding more tea leaves or different types of tea. This works best with a watercolour paint brush!

3. Become a fashion designer

Do you have an old white t-shirt you never wear? Why not use your leftover tea to make your very own design. You can find a bunch of DIY videos online that can guide you and offer inspiration.

4. DIY face masks

Tea, especially green, is filled with therapeutic ingredients that benefit skin in a variety of ways. Making a face mask from your leftover tea has many benefits, such as reducing redness and giving your face a natural glow. Find an easy recipe and give it a go!