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Join us for the fitvia full-body workout (bonus: it only takes 5 minutes!)

We’ve got an invitation for you!

For the next 21 days, the Fitvia team is embarking on a work out challenge and we want you to join us! It’s simple but intense: just five exercises designed to target our whole bodies.

Because it’ll be hard (and we love ourselves), we’re starting gently–our progress will look like this:

Week 1: 1 minute per exercise

Week 2: 2 minutes per exercise

Week 3: 3 minutes per exercise

Each week, we’ll share our workouts–you’ll meet 21 of us (one for every day of the challenge!) and witness the highs and lows of our new year fitness journeys. You’ll see us as we really are: imperfect people doing our best!

Important note: This challenge is not about looking good, or getting it right–it’s about looking after ourselves with a body positive mindset. We believe in the best versions of ourselves–the versions that feel the best, not just look the best–and we believe in our abilities to get ourselves there with tons of self-love and determination. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be pretty–but we believe beauty is found in our messy imperfections.

We’re staying hydrated and invigorated with our delicious new teas: Lime Mint Immune Tea, Multi Orange Immune Tea and Berry Apricot Immune Tea. They make us feel energized (perfect for working out!) and support the normal function of our immune systems.

Here are the exercises that’ll be kicking our butts for the next three weeks:

…aka Everybody’s Least Favourite Exercise, but it works the whole body. As well as driving the heart rate and burning major calories, it activates every muscle group.

Squats have a reputation for being all about the booty, but it actually has full-body strengthening and calorie-burning benefits if done correctly.

Another total-body strengthening exercise, the plank targets almost every muscle group in our body, and improves core strength and spinal alignment–especially important if we sit at computers all day.

Russian twists
Let’s do the twist! This exercise is super-effective at toning our abs, waists, and shoulders. It’s great for strengthening our upper bodies by working our core muscles.

Jumping jacks
They might remind you of childhood, but jumping jacks don’t kid around when it comes to cardio–and they release feel-good endorphins that make us feel great about working out.