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New Year, New You? Here’s the gentlest way to do it :)

If one of your resolutions for 2021 is to be healthier, we’re right there with you. 2020 was a hard year but we are resilient, and we adapted. Now seems like the right time to introduce body-friendly habits that will help us feel great and strong, and ready to handle anything.

So, how to create a healthy new lifestyle? Here are some tips for changes that last:

  • How do you want to feel–more confident? Energised? Calmer? Stronger? Start from here to figure out what change needs to look like.
  • You might need to wake up earlier to fit in your new habits–which means going to bed earlier. Make changes that support your body, not exhaust it!
  • Smaller goals are easier to sustain, so break down big goals into manageable tasks.
  • Plan week by week, not further–gradually, over time, you’ll see the change.
  • Set a time for your activity and stick to it every day (“I’ll do it later” rarely works out for us..!).
  • Plan ahead–if you know you have a busy day, then you might fit in a quick, energising workout in the morning and keep leftovers for dinner instead of having to cook.
  • Over the next 21 days, the Fitvia team is going to make positive changes and share them with you, one week at a time. We’re all following the same routine: wake up, put on a cup of tea, let it cool while we work out, jump into the shower and start work.

We’ve started our new year with three brand-new teas that make us feel equally shiny and new: The Lime Mint Immune Tea, Multi Orange Immune Tea and Berry Apricot Immune Tea. These juicy, mouth-watering new blends are so refreshing and support the normal function of our immune systems.

While you plan your new routine, here’s a final request from us: Please do it for you. Above all, how you feel is the biggest reward–all this hard work should make you feel good about yourself; if it starts to feel like punishment, the goals might need reevaluating.

Love yourself into a Happy New You!