Happy New You Set

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  • For a Happy New You
  • Contains our most loved products
  • 100 % natural
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What this bundle contains

Rose Gold Thermo Bottle

Show your love for rose gold with our Rose Gold Thermo Bottle! Use the integrated tea strainer to quickly and conveniently prepare your tea, then enjoy on-the-go.
  • Enjoy your tea on-the-go!
  • Complete with integrated tea strainer
  • Beautiful rose gold colour

Fitvia Muesli Bowl

Enjoy our new Fitvia muesli range with this beautiful muesli bowl to match! Mmm!
  • Ideal for your Fitvia muesli
  • Beautiful, bright design
  • Dishwasher-safe

Superfruit Detox Ice Tea

There’s nothing more refreshing than our Superfruit Detox Ice Tea! Our blend of energising ingredients like green tea and ginger make this the perfect drink to have on-the-go during the hotter seasons.
  • Your fruity detox ice tea!
  • Contains ginger and superfruits
  • 100 % natural

Tropical Detox Muesli

Say hello to our new Tropical Detox Muesli! This unique recipe contains the tastiest blend of summer fruits and oats – all with amazing properties – so you can feel your best all day.
  • Your healthy start to the day!
  • Contains goji berries and pineapple
  • 100 % natural

Superfruit Detox Muesli

Start every day SUPER with a bowl of Superfruit Detox Muesli! Packed with amazing flavours and powerful properties, you’ll feel ready for anything.
  • Your healthy start to the day!
  • Contains regenerative superfruits
  • 100 % natural

High Protein Muesli

Chocolate, berries and seeds are at the heart of our High Protein Muesli, and it couldn’t be more delicious – or more energising! The perfect fit for an active lifestyle.
  • Especially high protein content
  • Ingredients rich in fibre
  • 100 % natural

Inner Beauty Tea

Containing unique ingredients to enhance your skin’s health and give it a natural glow, our Inner Beauty Tea is the perfect beauty aid.
  • Your delicious daily beauty ritual
  • Contains floral, fresh rose hip
  • 100 % natural

True Happiness Tea

Our True Happiness Tea contains especially pleasant ingredients which help you feel your best, inside and out!
  • Boosts your positivity
  • Contains stimulating green tea
  • 100 % natural

Inner Balance Tea

The Inner Balance Tea lets you relax with its natural ingredients, specially blended to connect body, mind and soul. Ideal in the evening before bedtime.
  • For relaxing moments
  • Contains fresh passion flower
  • 100 % natural

Recover Tea

Our Recover Tea contains selected ingredients that enhance the body’s regenerative processes after mental and physical stress. Our blend of green rooibos and delicious peach bits creates a lovely unique taste, too!
  • Get fit again!
  • Contains sweet, floral passion flowers
  • 100 % natural

Body Detox Tea 28 Days

Start your 28-day detox with our popular Body Detox Tea! This tea contains selected ingredients to promote fat-burning, and the vitamins and antioxidants within support a healthy immune system, increasing your overall wellbeing.
  • Your companion for a great detox
  • Contains fresh ginger and dandelion
  • 100 % natural

Tropical Detox Tea 28 Days

Enjoy the taste of summer with our brand new Tropical Detox Tea! Infused with luscious island flavours like coconut and papaya, this ice tea-friendly flavour naturally boosts your energy levels and helps you burn fat faster.
  • Packed with vitamins for detoxing
  • Contains tropical fruit
  • 100 % natural

Fit Berry Detox Tea 28 Days

Get fitter faster with our Fit Berry Detox Tea! The ingredients help to revitalise your body while supporting fat burning – perfect for your detox.
  • Get fitter faster!
  • Contains sweet berries and ginger
  • 100 % natural

Pure Night Detox Tea 28 Nights

The Pure Night Detox Tea perfectly complements your daily detox! It’s caffeine-free, and its natural ingredients – such as moringa leaves and ginger – help to detoxify and relax you after a long day.
  • Supports your body’s regeneration
  • Contains soothing moringa leaves
  • 100 % natural

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