Weight Loss Set

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  • Work towards your dream figure
  • Contains two detox teas and muesli
  • 100 % natural
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What this bundle contains

Fit Berry Detox Tea 28 Days

Get fitter faster with our Fit Berry Detox Tea! The ingredients help to revitalise your body while supporting fat burning – perfect for your detox.
  • Get fitter faster!
  • Contains sweet berries and ginger
  • 100 % natural

Tropical Detox Tea 28 Days

Enjoy the taste of summer with our brand new Tropical Detox Tea! Infused with luscious island flavours like coconut and papaya, this ice tea-friendly flavour naturally boosts your energy levels and helps you burn fat faster.
  • Packed with vitamins for detoxing
  • Contains tropical fruit
  • 100 % natural

Tropical Detox Muesli

Say hello to our new Tropical Detox Muesli! This unique recipe contains the tastiest blend of summer fruits and oats – all with amazing properties – so you can feel your best all day.
  • Your healthy start to the day!
  • Contains goji berries and pineapple
  • 100 % natural

High Protein Muesli

Chocolate, berries and seeds are at the heart of our High Protein Muesli, and it couldn’t be more delicious – or more energising! The perfect fit for an active lifestyle.
  • Especially high protein content
  • Ingredients rich in fibre
  • 100 % natural

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