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Reach for the stars in 2021

The best thing about December? (After Christmas, of course.) Yep, New Years Eve! You know why NYE is so great?  No, it’s not the champagne and celebrations — although they are fun. No, the best thing is that December 31st symbolizes the end of one chapter and the start of another. It’s a day we can reflect back on our year, be thankful for all that we achieved, acknowledge the ups and downs and say goodbye to anything we want to leave behind before we move forward.

When we wake up on the first day of a new year, we have begun life on a fresh, clean slate. We are filled with motivation, inspiration and hope (and maybe a little headache from last night). A new year is where we get to start anew. It’s where we are refreshed, recharged and ready to go!

What’s really important to do, preferably before we wake up in the new year, is set some goals for the year ahead. Some call them resolutions, others call them goals. We’ve decided to call them stars. Why stars, you might ask? Because each of these little promises you want to make yourself is like a little star in the sky you want to reach. You can have one big star, you can have hundreds of little stars — it’s completely up to you. The most important thing is that you have these stars to guide you through the year and light the way to a happy and fulfilling year.


To start off, let’s spend some time reflecting over which stars you want to reach for in 2021. In a notebook (our limited edition golden-foil “My 2021 to-do list” notebook works best!) have a brainstorm about what your goals might be. You can think in terms of health and fitness, work and career, freetime, personal development, family and friends, home and renovation, finances or general habits!

Some goals might be bigger than others (like running a marathon) but the smaller ones are just as important (like learning to bake bread). These goals will help form your year, so think carefully about what you want to achieve.

When you’re done thinking, get a piece of poster paper, some glitter, paint, stickers or tape and get creative. Write each goal in its own star and make it clear which ones you want to prioritize. When you’re done, hang your masterpiece somewhere you can see it every day (like your bedroom mirror or closet door) so you always see your stars and be reminded where you’re headed.