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Simple life hacks to power up and power on

Keeping your energy levels high in summer is easy. When the sun is shining, the days are long and the air is warm; we feel invincible. Then winter comes. It can be easy to let the cold weather get the better of you while you wait patiently (or impatiently) for May to roll around again. Waiting for lighter days is one option. Another is to embrace the winter and actually use all it has to offer to your advantage! There are ways to do this — and they don’t include moving to an exotic winter-less island.

Contrary to popular belief, the cooler months are actually where you can start building some incredible habits to carry on through to the summer. Because although we might be lacking that spring-out-of-bed type of energy, our minds tend to be much clearer in winter and let’s face it: we have a lot more time. A clear mind and schedule are two ingredients needed to create life-changing habits with ease.

Our focus on staying energetic this month goes hand in hand with the release of our Spicy Orange Power Tea — our first product with 30% black tea. Through its natural caffeine, it increases our energy levels while its ginseng root gives us a focused mind and better concentration.

So with a warm mug of our Spicy Orange Power Tea in your lap, check out these simple life hacks to power up and power through the winter:

  1. Take naps: Yep, for real. Experts say that 30-60 minute naps can increase alertness, creativity and stamina, while reducing stress and even the risk of heart attacks.
  2. Drink water: Water does wonders for our body and brain. Invest in a good reusable bottle and take it everywhere you go. Soon enough, it’ll seem as natural as breathing! Tea counts too — hot or iced, up to you!
  3. Meditate: There’s no better way to clear your mind of distractions and refocus your energy than meditation. Five minutes or 30 — close your eyes and take a deep breath!
  4. Walk & pod: There are literally thousands of incredible podcasts available for free that can help you with motivation — pick one, grab your headphones and go for an early morning walk. By the time you’re home, you’ll feel ready to tackle the day.
  5. Rediscover nature: Being outside in the fresh air and surrounded by nature for just 20 minutes a day can increase energy and vitality. The cold air will also give you a kick!
  6. Declutter: Working from home can mean that your desk is now also your dining table. Make sure your working space is clean, tidy and as zen as can be. A clear desk is a clear mind!