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Spring is in the air!

Can you feel it? The sunny warmth on your skin, the extra bounce of energy in your step, the friendly smiles on everyone’s faces? Yes, the feeling is unmistakable. Spring has finally sprung!

The season known for breathing life back into the world, spring is arguably the most positive season in the calendar. What was cold, dark and grey over the winter months suddenly is alive, beautiful and thriving. Grass gets greener, flowers blossom, the sun rises earlier, the temperatures warm up, the days get longer. And it feels incredible.

But it’s not just the vague feeling of spring we love. Humankind’s adoration for the spring months is actually backed up by science. Yes, loving spring is as natural as breathing. Who knew?

Here are five reasons our bodies love spring:

We get more fresh air
No more closed windows and cranked up heaters. Spring is the season where we not only begin to air out our homes with that fresh, crisp air, but venture outside more ourselves.

The days get longer
When we move the clocks forward in March, we’re given more hours of daylight to get things done — or just to relax. Those extra hours of sun (especially in the morning!) can be a major mood-booster, according to research.

We exercise more
The colder months can mean we lack motivation to get up and get going. But once the sun is beckoning us outside, it can be hard to refuse! This means we’re generally more active and filled with more energy — so working out is easier, not to mention sunnier.

We are more in nature
Research has found that walking in nature slows your heart rate and makes you generally more relaxed and calm. When the sun is shining and you don’t need seven layers, it’s much easier to put on your shoes and explore your surroundings.

Temperatures are more moderate
Spring is the best of both worlds. Wedged between two extremes (winter and summer) it gives us ideal temperatures where the body feels most comfortable. We can head outdoors for activities in the sunshine, while still cuddling up with a cosy blanket and warm cup of tea in the evenings.