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Welcome to February!

How are we feeling, team? Fabulous? We thought so.

First things first, a huge congrats to those who completed the 21-day fitness challenge with us. What a perfect way to start the year — energised and full of life! Considering that’s how we’ve begun 2021, it’s also how we’d like things to stay. Which is why the theme of February is how to keep that fire burning and boost your mood and motivation for the rest of the winter.

As a treat for all your hard work, we’re launching our sweetest flavour yet, the Apple Pie Beauty Tea. This one is guaranteed to increase your overall mood with sweet childhood memories wafting out of your warm cup. But what else can help us to stay positive? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

When the temperature is below zero, suddenly your favourite outfit is your pajamas, your favourite activity is Netflix and the hottest hang out is… the heater. And although we can’t change the weather (believe us, we’ve tried!), what we can do is share plenty of really easy ways you can combat the winter blues and stay energised. Tried and tested by us!

Here are our tips to boost your motivation and get those good vibes flowing:

Connect with your besties
When you’re stuck at home in the colder months, it can be tempting to enter hibernation. But that’s no fun! Instead, plan activities (virtually or IRL) with your friends where you can cook together, binge-watch series, make shared playlists or anything else you love.

Get moving
It might sound counterintuitive but moving is the best thing you can do when you feel sluggish and tired. Endorphins are great for our mental health, and the more you sweat, the more you produce. There are plenty of great workouts on YouTube for free — find a friend and workout together virtually! Click here for some inspiration from our 21 day challenge!

During the winter months, it’s a good idea to stock up on vitamins to stay healthy and happy and ward off illness. You can take supplements, eat extra fruit and veggies (especially citrus fruits!) or sip on our Lime Mint Immune Tea which is packed with vitamin C and zinc.

Mix up your screen time
Screens can be our salvation when it’s too cold to go outside. But instead of endless Insta-scrolling all day, mix it up and try video calling a friend (or two!) and paint, bake or exercise together, complete a TikTok challenge or even play a game online with strangers. It’s all about connecting with the internet world and being creative!