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Your daily home office exercise

Remember when working from home sounded like a great idea? No commute, extra hour in bed, meetings in sweat pants (or no pants)… It was fun for a while. But six months of working-from-home later, we may be feeling the effects of being indoors–and at our desks–all day. Being inactive impacts our physical mobility and state of mind, and you might find that you are experiencing more stiffness, tension and lethargy than usual.

If you find yourself often making a painful face during home office, we want to help you turn it into a happy face!

To provide you some relief and support your posture, we’ve put together a series of stretching and relaxation exercises that are easy enough to do at our desks.

Why not start now? Join us for a stretch:

Beyond brief stretching, exercising regularly is one of the best things we can do for our health. The many benefits of regular exercise include better physical health, improved mental wellbeing, higher energy levels and better immune systems in the short term, and a lower risk of chronic disease including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer in the long term.

Since COVID-19 has made it even harder to maintain a healthy work-life balance, integrating a fitness routine into your day might seem daunting–the good news is you don’t have to be superfit to start. Setting high expectations for yourself is more likely to be a shortcut to giving up (we know, we’ve tried!), so we recommend starting gently with lower expectations so you can enjoy the process.

There are different ways to incorporate activity into your working day: from taking the stairs instead of the elevator to switching to a standing desk, they can simply be adjustments to your usual habits; we can also be more proactive, using our lunch break to take a walk or do a short workout.

How did the stretches make you feel? Share your happy-selfies with us on Instagram and use the #getfitvia.